1. Oh dear, I hope it’s a kit car and not an actual Stratos.

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  3. topgearaddiction:

    when the producers messed the subtitles

    The producers love them…..

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  4. "Ravenwest Motorsport are class acts. Just do your best, kid - you can’t do more."

    Ravenwest of Codemasters’ GRID series fame, mixed with Kagerou Project’s own Ayano Tateyama. Probably not a good idea.


  5. afootballreport:

    History Repeats Itself: Brazil suffers another heartbreak on home soil

    By Zack Goldman

    The world’s most decorated football nation waited 64 years to erase a nightmare.

    Instead, a worse one came.

    It has been said it could never get as bad for Brazil as the Maracanazo, the nation’s famous loss to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup Final in Rio.

    That was carnival recast into funeral, when 400,000 horrified eyes looked on as a haunting blur of sky blue rendered their heavily-favored heroes powerless.

    It was the unthinkable happening to the invincible.

    It was like watching one’s own home being robbed during a party.

    And, while the five World Cup triumphs that followed for the Seleção certainly displaced the prominence of that memory, it would be disingenuous to say that the historical mosaic of futebol in Brazil has altogether discarded that recurring fever dream of so many years ago.

    Whether the goalkeeper Barbosa’s infamous blunder — which has long been blamed for the loss — was heard in the stadium or through staticky radio waves or via trembling voices or quivering hands or lines of print on a page years later, it is a story whose legacy lives on and that no Brazilian of any generation since has forgotten.

    If anything, the Maracanazo's influence and significance is more alive this year, as the country hosts the World Cup for the first time since 1950, than at any moment in recent history.

    Yet, while every Brazilian grew up hearing the legend, the vast majority of the country never knew anything of the taste, the smell, the sight of that kind of disappointment. After all, this is a nation that hadn’t lost a competitive match on home soil since 1975.

    Until today.

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  6. Three lions on the shirt
    Jules Rimet still gleaming
    Hundred years of hurt
    never stopped me dreaming

    -Three Lions 2066: 100 Years of Hurt

    England: Unless you want the above lyrics to actually come true in 2066, get your shit together from now and start by implementing an unreasonably strict home-grown rule in the Premier League.

    And stop relying on ‘top’ clubs, seriously!


  7. "This does not fucking slip now! Listen, listen, this is gone. We go to Le Mans, exactly the same. We go again! Come on!"
    — Toyota Racing, after winning the 6 Hours of Spa (okay, let’s be honest, I made that up, it’s a modified Steven Gerrard quote)

  8. This is it, I suppose.

    Il Coppa di Mondo, or in this year’s native language, A Copa do Mundo.

    Every four years, people all over the world, regardless of prior knowledge, experience, and/or attraction to football suddenly becomes diehard football fans until after the final, where either they will decide to be proper football fans or go back into… not being a football fan.

    I’m not going to talk about the Cup itself (since there’s much to discuss), but in this post I will be telling you how to not get into anyone’s my nerves during the event. Just follow the points below and you’ll be fine:

    • First and foremost, unless your local variant of English dictates that the beautiful game shall be referred to as ‘soccer’, don’t call it ‘soccer’. In non-US English, it’s ‘football’, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    • If you’re genuinely uninterested in football, let alone the Cup, show that you can’t care less. Don’t force yourself to follow the Cup if you don’t want to.
    • Acknowledge that the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale won’t be in the Cup because their nations didn’t qualify… but Foluwashola ‘Shola’ Ameobi is. Let that sink in for a while…
    • Don’t light up flares or smoke bombs during a match. I know, I know, you’re #againstmodernfootball, but you wouldn’t burn down a public screening venue or your house, would you?
    • If you’re just recently taking an interest in football, watch every game you can. If you like what you’re seeing, don’t wait another two or four years to see nations have at it again, watch a league! With clubs, tradition, history! I mean, where do you think international footballers get selected from?
      NOTE: Oh, how I wish someone had told me that in my childhood.
    • And lastly: FOOTBALL. Not ‘soccer’. THERE’S A BALL, YOU KICK IT WITH YOUR FEET. American football is also football - not ‘handegg’ - though it’s closer to rugby more than anything else.

    Anyway. Brazil vs. Croatia coming up in a few hours, I’m guessing it’ll end in a boring 1-1 with both goals scored in the first half. Thanks for your attention.

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  10. art-n-porn-deactivated20140624 said: I read you post comparing GT1 and GT2. I agree with most of it. I myself have a working PS2, PS3 and a partially working PS1, yet I keep coming back to the old games. I have probably played GT2 more than any other game. And I memorized the whole script of MGS for PS1 back in 1999. That's how much I played it. The old GTs have something that it's not very present in the latter games. And the american muscles cars sound great once modified. And I agree. Red Rock Valley is such a great track. :-D

    cheers for reading that one mate! GT1 and GT2 was probably the first videogames I’ve ever played (I was about 6yrs old when I first had a PS1) and both are still very much enjoyable to this day.

    I believe the thing that’s not very present in the later games, as you put it, is probably the driving pleasure one gets on fictional and semi-fictional circuits - the newer GT games are more geared into real circuits that virtually every other racing game has these days, causing the series to gradually lose its identity and consigning it into genericness… just my two cents :p

  11. This is one thing that I didn’t expect to turn up in my timeline.

    I seem to remember that these vile* cars were doing pretty rubbish in the race itself, very appropriate for them silly horse punchers, like.

    I believe this was also the true precursor to Superleague Formula - it’s the earliest connection between football and motorsports that I can think of.

    Such a shame that Sunderland has never been represented in motorsports, with the closest connection between it and motorsports being the fact that current Porsche driver Mark Webber is a fan of Roy Keane’s Sunderland… or perhaps just Roy Keane.

    *I actually like Lister Storms (yes, even its LMP variant), just not this particular example

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  12. bollocks, that’s the second pick to have broken under my grip whilst playing metalcore songs…

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  14. Pint Shot Riot - “Not Thinking Straight”

    This was one of my favourite songs during my last year* of high school. The bittersweet memories and feels…

    *I graduated in 2013, mind you. I just happened to have FIFA 10 on my Android phone and this was the only song in it.

  15. It is tonight (GMT+7). The final battle, the second-biggest match of the English footballing season, our only ticket to European competition…